Recommended supplies for beginning weaving class

Rigid heddle loom – Almost any brand of rigid heddle loom will be fine. The one I recommend is the Cricket Rigid Heddle 15” Loom by Schacht. It retails for around $180 and comes with the shuttles and hook. Birdhouse Yarns carries this loom. Call to order early and know that it is a two week wait to get them in. The loom is easy to assemble.

Yarns – Wool weaving yarns are easy to work with and are forgiving for a first project. Your choice of yarns depends on the size of heddle that comes with your loom. The Cricket loom comes with an eight dent heddle.

Do not get wool or acrylic knitting worsted yarns as they can be softer and stretchier and cause problems.

Size of yarn:
For an eight dent heddle get any two- or three-ply wool at approximately 800 yards per pound (1600m/kg). Over or under by 100 yards per pound is ok.  If your heddle is not an 8 dent, call for more info on yarn sizes.

Amount of Yarn:
Color one (main color of scarf) buy at least 240 yards for warp. Color two buy at least 140 yards for weft.
Color three buy at least 80 yards for accent.

The ball or skein will have the weight and yardage on the packaging. You might take a calculator with you to figure amounts.

Select three colors that you like and that seem to harmonize well together. Check the yarns you are considering by twisting a strand of each together to see if they blend and look nice together. Remember, there is no right or wrong here. If you like them they will be great.

These sizes and amounts will work for an infinity scarf, fringed scarf or gentleman’s scarf which we will do in the class.